National Ambassadors in Europe and beyond

Are you interested to act as an ambassador of ECECT in your Country?


Ambassadors act as contact points of ECECT in their respective Countries. They act as catalysts through ECECT  initiatives relate to emerging Competencies and Technologies. At the same time they can have access to other initiatives / projects that take place in other countries. At the same time the are able to find partners from other Countries for new initiatives and projects

  • Free newsletter
  • Can participate in ECECT ambassadors advisory committee
  • Details appear in ECECT website
  • Opportunity to have access to have access to the latest news/developments in Europe and Beyond

Important Information

Ambassadors collaborate with ECECT on a volunteer basis. Through ECECT they will be able to network with other Ambassadors for mutual benefit.

Ambassadors are given access to an online collaboration platform for exchange of ideas and experiences.

If you believe you can act as a ECECT Ambassador (FREE) please complete the  Application Form

ECECT Individual  membership €50/year €75/2 years) Free till end of 2022

  • Discount for organised courses
  • receiving newsletter along with any upcoming calls
  • Discount for organised events
  • Please complete the  Application Form

ECECT is currently accepting applications for ambassadors from European or connected Countries. Each country can have more than one ambassador, either because the Country is too large to be covered by one ambassador or their corresponding experience is in a different field.  

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