ECECT: The 2nd Transnational Project Meeting of “Cities Going Green”

The “Cities Going Green: Development of a Green and Smart City” (Erasmus+ KA2) project consortium, upon completion of Project Result 1: Theoretical Framework, held a 2nd face-to-face meeting, that was hosted by Tallinn University (Tallinna Ülikool) in Estonia on the 23rd – 24th of January 2023.

During the first day, partners from  Cyprus, Estonia, Greece, Poland, and Spain reviewed the status of the developed intellectual outputs as well as the current Project result 1: Game Design. OMEGATECH presented to the partners the game design proposal and then brainstormed regarding the elements of the game’s features such as the building blocks, decisions, theory, rules, and points/system. The game will be available for single and multiplayer use and will also include weekly quests.

Followed by a presentation on the quality management guidelines by Tallinn University, the coordination of the upcoming dissemination activities, and the 3rd face-to-face meeting in Athens, Greece in May.

On the second day of the meeting there were two presentations by Tallinn University with the topics “Continuous education – looking towards the sustainable future” and “Sustainable and green travel – are telepresence robots the solution?”. Following this, two experiential workshops were carried out. First, was the demonstration of the telepresence robots where the partners had the opportunity to control it themselves, and second, was the concept of digital storytelling, where with the use of an Ozobot the partners created their own stories related to green and smart cities.

The two-day physical meeting was concluded by a campus tour of Tallinn University.

To download our 4th PRESS RELEASE press HERE

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