George Georgiou – Visionary Engineer

Mechatronics engineer (mechanical + electrical) with more that 25 years experience in the fields of sensors, wireless sensors networks, automation, automated image processing, mapping and visualizing data, machine design, retrofitting of existing equipment.. He has also worked in projects related to (In thIoT, smart agriculture, smart cities, Cloud applications + IoT. George has passion in using computing and Internet related Technologies (ICT) as a tool to solve problems that they need an innovative approach and solution.

Before founding Novatex in 1999 he has worked as a researcher (1995) for MRI (Manchester Royal Infirmary) (Anaesthesiology department), as a full time lecturer at Frederick University and later on worked in positions related to hospital and analytical and environmental equipment and supplies

George is also a member of CAMBPE (Cyprus Association of Medical Physics and BioMedical Engineering)

He is also the coordinator of the European Robotics Week in Cyprus and president of the scientific committee of the largest robotics competition in Cyprus with more than 500 robots

Participating in many advisory boards and committees – President of the Technology Committee of the Parallel parliament for Entrepreneurship in Cyprus

  • Founder of
  • Co-founder and secretary of the Cyprus Association of research and Innovation Enterprises (
  • Founder of Cyprus robotics – promoting robotics and stem education
  • mentor of ARIS – Deloitte Innovation Center in Cypru
  • Judge for dozens of startup / entrepreneurship events in Cyprus
  • Mentor for techstars / startup weekend.
  • Participated dozens of times in committees (ministry of commerce, economy other) and also parliament committees related to innovation, entrepreneurship , emerging technologies/AI
  • Appeared and interviewed many TV and Radio programs/newspapers with topics related to innovation/entrepreneurship/stem education and robotics
  • EU – Expert