Dissemination activities

Communication and dissemination of results are mandatory activities for Horizon 2020, Horizon for EUROPE, ERASMUS and other  projects. They are even a central constituent of the “Impact” section of proposals. 

Dissemination activities services

The following dissemination activities are either offered directly by ECECT or through multiple supporting organisations

Once the dissemination objective and the audience are identified, there are a variety of ways to share the developed content.

Common methods of dissemination include:

  • Organising online events
  • Publishing project findings in national journals and statewide publications
  • Presenting at national conferences and meetings of professional associations
  • Presenting program results to local community groups and other local stakeholders
  • Creating and distributing program materials, such as flyers, guides, pamphlets and Videos
  • Creating toolkits of training materials and curricula for other communities
  • Sharing information through social media or on an organization’s website
  • Summarizing findings in progress reports 
  • Issuing a press release

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